Humanitarian Efforts - Making a Global Impact

Charidy Humanitarian works with humanitarian organizations that assist in the relief and prevention of suffering caused by crisis. We help develop campaigns for these organizations that respond in a manner that is not influenced by political, economic, or military objectives.

If you are actively crowdfunding to support the struggle for human rights anywhere around the world and if you can’t keep silent while entire populations are struggling due to the effects of humanitarian crises, Charidy can successfully help you articulate to your donors your needs for funding and help you tap into your peer-to-peer crowdfunding potential.

The Charidy Magic Touch

Charidy Humanitarian supports you with targeting potential donors and rallying them around your current campaign. However, this goes beyond logistics; Charidy will help you activate your audience, inform, mobilize, as well as excite them about your cause, and ultimilately turn them from a group of unrelated philanthropists to a strong community, creating a serious and moving impact during a humanitarian crisis.

Raising Money For

  • Homeless Care
  • Medicine & Food For Needy
  • Human Rights Campaigns
  • Rehabilitation after disasters
  • Human rights campaigns
Fundraising levels
International campaigns:
Local campaign: